We Make Physician and Podiatry House Calls - Compassionate Medical Care
In-Home primary Medical and Podiatry Care by focused Housecall Doctors of  Northwest Indiana Area
For 10 years, we’ve served  the Northwest Indiana, South Bend, and Indianapolis area in primary care and geriatric medicine. 
We are a medical practice dedicated to Northwest Indiana, South Bend, and Indianapolis who has a primary focus on making housecalls.  To provide the best quality care possible, it is important for us to build a relationship and spend quality time with our patients. 
We perform labs, and work with many health agencies to provide comprehensive care for our homebound patients.Housecall Services Include:
  • Physician Examination and Immunizations
  • Medical Labs and Electrocardiograms (EKG)
  • Coordination of Care with Home Health Agencies, Hospice care, Hospitals, and Social Sevice Groups.

 We come to homes, apartments, nursing homes, or elderly care facilities. WE will come to YOU
Our home care Physicians offer home based treatment and diagnostic services normally found in a physician office or outpatient clinic setting. Our team of healthcare professionals specializes in chronic disease management and care plan development. Whether you need short-term home recovery assistance or long-term home medical care, you can call Housecall Doctor P.C. at our office.

Elderly couple in the Northwest Indiana Area. 
Podiatry Services Include:
Our podiatric physicians allow the patient to benefit from our latest treatment techniques, therapies and tools. Our in-home services includes comprehensive examination, specialized procedures and treatments, and surgical debridement. We can also assist diabetic patients obtain orthopedic shoes and other durable medical equipment (D.M.E.).