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About HouseCall Doctors P.C. of Northwest Indiana, South Bend, and Indianapolis Area
We focus on preventative treatment.  Our goal is to improve our patient's quality of life.
HouseCall Doctors P.C. is a recognized and well established medical house call program. We bring compassion, skill and the latest medical technology right into the patient’s home.

Our Physicians, Podiatrist and Nurse Practitioners have made over 100,000 house calls to more than 6,500 homebound patients since its inception in 2010. 

Delivering medical care to patients saves costly and unnecessary ambulance trips, emergency department visits, hospitalizations and premature nursing home placement. We work closely with Home Health and Hospice nurses, medical equipment companies, and pharmacies to assure that care is coordinated and timely.

The following is a partial list of home care services we provide to our patients:

Home Physician Visits and Assessments

• Same Day Primary Care Visits
• Same Day Episodic/Acute Care Visits
• Post-Hospitalization and In-Facility Skilled Nursing Visits
• Vaccinations/Flu Shots/Joint Injections
• Disease Management Visits (Coumadin, Diabetes, Chronic Heart Failure, and more)
• On-Going Care Plan Oversight of Home Health Nurses and Hospice
• Decubitus ulcer care and debridement
• Re-occurring Therapies


• E-scripts and Home Delivery Pharmacy coordination for maximum patient savings
• Homecare Assistive Device/Equipment Management
• Physical Therapy Management with outpatient and transportation assistance
• Oxygen Therapies
• At-home blood draws

Diagnostic Testing

• At-home Labs with short time frame for analysis and reporting
• Electrocardiograms (ultrasound of the heart)
• Holter monitoring (24 hour cardiac monitoring)
• Skin Biopsies
• X-rays Assessments

Podiatry Services:
  • Ingrown Toenails: 
  • Diabetic Foot Care
  • Heel Pain
  • Homebound and Elderly Footcare: Trimming thick painful toenails, removing painful calluses, right in the home.
  • Thick Difficult to Cut Toenails: One of the most frequent reasons adults go to the podiatrist is to trim thick, yellow, painful toenails.

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